About Us

Your boat is an integral part of your life whether you use it for work or for pleasure.  Guard it from unnecessary damage with the newest invention for boat and dock protection from SeaAmerica – the accessory that no boat should go without.

Boat wakes and severe weather pose a serious threat to your boat while it’s docked.  The Fenda Board safe guards against piling and dock damage the unexpected can bring, so you don’t have to experience the expense and inconvenience of costly repairs.

The Fenda Board keeps your fender in place so that it cushions the space between your boat and the dock. It can be custom made to fit your boat with quality marine grade construction, no matter what the size–big or small. Installation is either permanent or portable; the choice is yours.

You can install the Fenda Board in 20 minutes or less and fender adjustment is quick and easy. Lightweight enough for the smallest crewmember, yet durable enough to weather the roughest waters. The Fenda Board is an affordable means of protecting your cherished investment.

FendaBoard from Helio Creative on Vimeo.

Product is Made in the USA!